Gratitude Journal 2 -Appreciation to the medical team who stood by me through my treatment

The Gratitude Journal 2

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They were simply doing their jobs, and while at it, they impacted my life tremendously. The gratitude journal 2, is about my MGH (Mass General Hospital) team and my attorney, who have been very supportive and helpful to me from the start of my breast cancer diagnosis.

My oncologist

I have come to trust him so much because he is the best in his field. My oncologist really cares about me and I don’t feel like I’m just a number as he made my well being his primary focus. I am proud to have an amazing oncologist like you. Thank you for patiently describing my procedures to me. The information you provided has really helped me in my journey through cancer. Thank you for your thorough analysis when my cancer was metastasized and your exhaustive approach to managing my cancer. Thank you, Dr. B.

Oncology Nurse

She gets IV’s on the first stick! Considering I’m a tough stick this means a huge deal to me. She is very kind and I am exceedingly pleased with your professionalism and commitment to rendering excellent and outstanding care. Thank you, Jane!

Infusion Nurse

Being in the hospital is daunting, but you made my infusion visits very comfortable. I feel like I met up with friends to discuss our favorite ice cream….thank you for providing such huge relief to me and for doing your job exceptionally. Thank you, Barbara.


Social worker

She is my birthday twin….what more can I ask for right? We talk about everything. She is very resourceful and It is always a delight talking with her. Through my journey with breast cancer and my personal life struggles, she has firmly stood by me, encouraging, suggesting and advising on the right path. She provided emotional support and helped me cope with challenges and finding effective solutions. Thank you, Emily, for being exceptional.

Haven social worker

She has a very soothing voice that could ease all pain. Her voice usually conveyed tenderness and understanding, which was most of the comfort I needed to get by. She is so kind and she is someone you wished were your sister. I met her when my world was in disarray. There were times I didn’t know where my next meal was coming from but throughout my hardship, she supported me. She provided emotional support by being present in court through my domestic violence case. I am exceeding grateful. Thank you, Abby.

My Attorney

I got a top-notch lawyer who advocated for me at the most challenging period of my life. Because of your analytical skills and knowledge, my case got approved and worthy of note is the fact that she took my case pro bono. I could literally feel compassion in her voice every time we spoke.  I could never forget a time when my case was going awry, I couldn’t hold back the tears and she was so firm in reassuring me that she would stand by me till the end! Thank you, Lisa, for your professionalism and continued support, you have impacted my life greatly.


Ellie fund

Fighting cancer is very overwhelming so having support is very essential during cancer treatment. The Ellie Fund is a  strong support system for breast cancer patients residing in Massachusetts. They provide the essential support to cancer patients so they can focus solely recovery.

The Ellie Fund provides the following services free of charge to cancer patients.

  • Grocery Assistance
  • Light housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Acupuncture
  • Prepackaged meals
  • Childcare reimbursement
  • Oncology massage therapy


My social worker handled the entire application process. I am grateful I was one of your beneficiaries and I say thank you, Ellie Fund!




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