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The death of a loved one made me realize the brevity of life. With a deep sense of reflection, I remember so clearly her laughter. My aunt had a big hearty laughter that was very infectious, you didn’t have a choice than to join in or crack a smile.

I have good memories of time spent with my aunt as a child. Life happened and we grew apart. I would usually get details about her from other family members but never tried calling her or contacting her.

Then I got the news of her death! It was like a thunderbolt. I was deeply saddened.

I asked how it happened and I asked so many other questions and I realized I didn’t know anything going on in her life.  I gathered that she had been battling with her health. It must have been tough for her I imagine. Why didn’t I know all this though? I was consoled that she had her sisters supporting her through her tough times.

I asked what burial plans were being made and asked that I be informed of any way I could help out.

Then it hit me, why try to help out or reach out now? Why wait for her to pass then reach out to help? This put me into a very pensive mood.

Why wait for when you lost someone before reaching out? I totally understand that we all have issues of life…. I got mine but I also had a lot of free time to call my aunt in many years but didn’t.

My Thoughts:

  • Stop procrastinating and reach out to friends and family. You don’t know if that would be the last time you ever talk to them.
  • Tell the people you love how much you love them! For all you know, that could be the last opportunity you get.
  • Be Kind to everyone. We all have challenges, you never know if your little act of kindness could save a life.
  • Avoid guilt by being the best person you can be to your friends and family.



Loss of close family

We often say the time of death is unpredictable but always wish it is no time soon.

You were kind and ever ready to help in your own way.

Keep being a star that you are amongst angels.

Adieu Aunty!





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