Adventure at Flume Gorge

Hiking at the Flume Gorge

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We were at the white mountains for a week and the Flume Gorge was on our to-do list. It was a rainy day but we still headed out.

The Flume Gorge is a natural gorge of 800 feet, that extends from the base of Mount Liberty. The walls rise to about 90 feet and are 12-20 feet apart.


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It is a two-mile hike amidst spectacular views that’s starts at the visitors center. There are a lot of amazing views at Flume Gorge that keep your mind away from the fact that you are hiking. There is an admittance fee of $16 per adult.

Entrance to Flume Gorge

A grandiose of 19th-century ingenuity, the covered bridge is a historical site for tourist and one of the few wooden bridges still standing.

Hiking at Flume Gorge involves a lot of stairs and hills. A lot of climbing but you will hardly notice the hills and stairs. Although it is just a two-mile hike, it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes and outfit. You can shop for some here

Flume Gorge Stairway

Flume Gorge




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At this point, we could tell we were approaching a waterfall because we literally walked into a mist. It was magical. I felt like a child again as I was overjoyed.

Waterfalls at flume Gorge

Waterfall at Flume Gorge

There is a bear cave along the way as we continued our hike towards THE POOL.

Bear cave at Flume Gorge

I didn’t get any closer to the cave because I just didn’t want, not with the recent happenings involving caves.

Waterfall at Flume Gorge


The scenic pool sits in a deep basin of the Pemigawasset river. The trail goes around the pool so you can view it from different angles. It is breathtaking.

The pool was my most favorite. I wished I could jump in just to get the temperature of the water.

Hiking path at Flume Gorge

Glacial Boulder at Flume Gorge

It was an exciting adventure and though seemed strenuous, I didn’t get tired because I was consumed by its beauty. I initially thought it was overpriced but it was absolutely worth it.

Come enjoy the beauty of New England!!




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