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Every morning I literally get buried in clothes trying to figure out what to wear to work. After working in the corporate world for over ten years, I still don’t particularly love suits… Is it just me? Suits make me feel restrained and I would rather opt for a formal dress. I decided to do this post to share some workwear inspiration, that is quite easy to pull off, without bothering yourself excessively.

I do not buy into the latest trends, but rather stay stylish dressing for my body type, instead of following a trend. In as much as I want to stay stylish, I prefer to wear clothes that will not break the bank, because I think clothes are tomorrow’s cast offs. So, I’m not going to be selfish but will gladly share tips on how to buy affordable clothes.


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5 easy work wear inspiration
Work wear inspiration – black corporate dress

When in doubt try the all black everything. This is a pretty black dress by Calvin Klein. This dress has a bell sleeve, which is very 70’s but elegant and stylish. So while keeping it simple, the little details add some class to your outfit. I got this dress from a huge sales event and I saved a ton!



5 easy work wear inspiration
Work wear inspiration -Calvin Klein Color block work outfit

Your work outfit must not be boring! This pretty color block dress by Calvin Klein as worn by our featured model is perfect for work. For those who have difficulty deciding on what colors to mix and match, let this piece do it for you. Add some jewelry to even make your outfit pop more.


5 easy work wear inspiration
Work wear inspiration – Calvin Klein Gingham corporate dress

Before I go any further, this post is for ‘workwear outfit ideas’ and not ‘what to wear in your kitchen’😂😂……….. I had to say this as my dear sister asked me why this picture was taken in my kitchen…….I love my kitchen!

Back to this simply cute gingham shirt dress with balloon sleeves! The sleeves on this shirt dress I love the simplicity of this dress and the fact that the style can be enhanced with choice accessories. I wanted a simple look but I could tone it up with a bright colored sandal and make it more fun with a bright playful belt. Like always, I got this Ralph Lauren dress on sales and what are friends for? Save some money for a vacation by buying a similar look HERE

5 easy work wear inspiration
Work wear inspiration – Pleated skirt


Our featured model is wearing this gorgeous pleated skirt and top by Ann Klein.  The pleated skirt is versatile and functional as it can be styled like our model did or you could style this airy skirt with a sneaker for a relaxed look. Your work outfit doesn’t necessarily have to be monochrome. A splash of color could be added without going overboard.



5 easy work wear inspiration
Work wear inspiration – Tahari multi-colored corporate dress

Liven up your office with this multi-colored shift dress. When it’s Monday again and you just want to sleep in but can’t well, you could use some bright colors! Three is the magic number as regards this color block dress by Tahari. The black brings all the colors together.


5 easy work wear inspiration
Work wear inspiration Tahari multi-colored corporate dress

I love to wear mid heels to work and save the super high heels for partying. I wore these black court shoes by Michael Kors. It is very comfortable and gives enough added height to enhance good gaits.

work shoes


Makeup to work should be kept really simple. Remember no makeup is as bad as too much makeup. Makeup done rightly could be used to wake you up fully on days you just want to be in bed.

Everyday makeup for work


I used the NYX soft matte lip cream Berlin, I also recommend Butter London’s nude lipsticks they are really awesome and long-lasting.

Your work hairstyle should be curtailed. It is cool to have wild hairstyles for a night out in town (if that is your style) but you should always tame your hair for a professional look.


Finally, for that smooth silhouette, I can use my all time favorite brand Spanx, I have a few of them and I literally swear by the magic they perform in giving your body that smooth shape, no handles or bulge showing. 

These workwear inspirations are not limited to what we have featured today. The number one rule to dressing to work is comfort in clothes that make you look smart. Do you have a signature look to work? If you would like to be featured on the blog with your style inspirations, HOLLA!

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  1. Idy Ekanem

    09/03/2018 at 11:19

    Great ideas for the work place. The black dress and the shift dress were my favorite.
    I would love a post on handbags and shoes. That bag on the counter is giving me life.
    Great post.

    1. Sam

      09/04/2018 at 15:31

      Thanks for the suggestion Idy… I will definitely work on a handbag/shoe post soon.

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